Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go Home Dinosaurs! (you are drunk)

I was searching for some relaxing game where I don't really need to think, and is pretty simple, maybe something like Plants vs. Zombies, a little towerdefense game, when I found this little game. It's a BBQ defense simulator. We have our little Gophers, who want a nice picnic. But then come the big bad dinos who want their food. So our Gophers suddenly become pro soldiers, and fight the dinos dance moves, laserbeams, and even with one of the biggest fear of the dinos: METEORS!!!

Here's  a gameplay trailer:

The game itself is a simple tower-defense game, but with funny elements. You need to defend your meet, every level 3 of it. You have your Gopher cards for this, some of them have pretty neat guns, some of them dancefloors. They use whatever they can put their paws on... A great advantage against the dinos (and other tower-defense games) is that your little hero Gopher can itself attack the dinos. Besides this if you gather enough coins, you can buy cute and crazy costumes for him, like a zombie, chef, etc.

Beside choosing the cards you want to use it doesn't require much planning. You can choose from a couple of cards, keeping in mind what kind of dinos will attack, gather the coconuts and kick their asses.

What I mostly enjoyed about this game is their little quirks. They have such qoutes like Winter is coming!, which is funny if you were watching or reading Game of thrones. (Or simply surfing the internet, there is no way you haven't heard about this line at least).

About the style
It has a cute, colorful, lively artstyle. So if you want a fun little game after a complex rpg or strategy game this is best for you. It is available on Steam (On Steam) if you're into it, or simply buy it, it's not too expensive, i'ts about the right price.

 Minimum system requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.70 GHz
Video card: GeForce 210
RAM: 1024 MB
OS: Windows XP
Free Space: 450 MB 

Final Score:  


Fun, cute little game, pretty enjoyable.

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