Monday, March 17, 2014

Bluestacks app player for PC

I bet few of you heard about this program. Well, it's really handy when you don't have the money for the newest Samsung or Iphone, but still want to play Android and IOS games or apps.

It is a free program, but it needs has some pretty high system requirements, well an average gamer PC will do it, and a google+ or googleplay account is necessary. After downloading and installing it, you can download apps from the Playstore, or other similar app, like Amazon App store, of course with every price like for the phones.

You can play games, like Plants vs Zombies 2, Hay Day, and mostly anything that can be played using mouse. Of course functions that can only be played on phones, like tilting and other touchy things, aren't available, but besides that it can play anything. You can download other apps, not just games, even use Whatsapp.

Download it on the official site for free:

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