Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rayman Legends

Genre: 2D Platformer

Released by: Ubisoft

I always loved Rayman games, may it be 2D or 3D. This one is the best. You have so many things in this game, and a huge variety of levels. This is definately the best platformer of the year, after I played all those stupid remakes.

The game has the main levels, and then if you were good enough you can unlock the Origins levels. Plus you have the challanges, and you can play Kung Foot with your friends (or alone but that's not too fun).

The Good:
- fun, non-repetitive elements and gameplay
- many enjoyable levels
- can play any hero you have unlocked
- collectables
- beautiful design

The Bad:
- nothing

Rayman and the Dark Teensies

This game is not exactly about stories, but there you have to defeat the five Dark Teensies who kidnapped some pretty teensies. You will literally kick theri ass, flying them to an astoriod, and creating kind of a little concert by stabbing their asses.

All the paintings...

In the main gallery you can access the levels and other things from jumping into paintings.You have a painting for every main level, which you have to unlock. You have to collect teensies to unlock new levels, and Lums for unlocking new heroes. Plus you get some nice trophies and a huge celebration if you can collect ecery teensie and 600 Lums on a level (there are 10 teensies to rescue on every level). Rescueing all the teensies can be a little chalangeing, you have to look for them in secret places, maybe not even visible at first, and don't forget to always check if there is anything above your line of sight. The king and queen teensies can be found behind secret doors, and there you have to face another challange to rescue them. But it's worth it cause you get a sweet kiss and a heart from them afterwards. Also if you collect enough Lums you get a Lotto ticket on every level, which can be scrapped off and you can won creatures, Lums, teensies, and new levels on Origin.

Toasts, robots and balloons

You can collect all these kinds of creatures, plus a couple more. They are pretty cute, but they are also useful. (They reminded of me old Kinder Surprize prizes, when you had to collect ex. 10 kinds of a lion...) They give you daily rewards after being collected.

Being a hero

If you collect enough Lums, you unlock new heroes, and you can choose to play with them. There are dark Globoxes, and cosplaying Teensies to choose from, also a cool; knight version of Rayman. Plus you have some girls, like Elysia. (One of them reminded me of Braveheart, wonder why...)

What type of level is this?

There are the main levels, you have to collect 10 teensies and 600 Lums. Then there are some rescue levels, which are special levels for ex. you have to fly through the level or dive, or jump on moving down objects, maybe beat the timer... On these levels you only have to find 3 teensies and you are rewarded with female heroes. Then there are invaded levels, after finishing some main levels. These weren't my favs, because there was a timer, and I like to take my time, but they were fun as well. Then at the end of every pack of level there is a challanging boss fight, and a level where you catch the dark teensie. Plus there is a musical level in the end of every theme. They were absolutely my favs. Rock Castle and Mariachi Madness were the best I loved those songs. It was very interesting to hear the Eye of the Tiger in a mariachi version. The music is perfectly fit to the level and to the obstacles. Also there is a painting at the far right end, which you can unlock by collecting 400 teensies, and there is a new music level (yaaaay), plus the 8-bit version of the other music levels. These are a little bit harder than the originals, because they are distorted in some ways (the pixels are getting less and less, so you have to figure out for yourself where to jump with your single blue pixeled Rayman).

Now in the water, now in the air

I really liked that Rayman can swim. I hate those games where you touch the water and instantly die. We have a variety of themed levels: there are underwater levels, fiesta de los muertos (where they transform you into a duck), and many other levels. Sometimes you have to fly, sometimes you have to run upside down, but all the levels are are fun (and they have cool reference names like How to Shoot Your Dragon), with new elements on almost every level, a huge variety of obstacles, enemies and secrets to find (watch out for little plants in the ground tere can be teensies!). Of course, the levels are getting harder and harded, as shown by the skulls under the paintings. Also watc out for purple lums, and chains of purple lums, they are worth more than simple yellow lums.

Rayman's little helpers

You have some old moves, like charging your hands, and flying or gliding when there is wind. You have Rayman's little helpers, like Murphy, who can push out obstcles in front of you, or rotate stuff, move platforms for you, etc. and sometimes a wizard gives you a hand which you can throw far far away. You have cool moves, like jumping wall to wall (so badass like in Prince of Persia), and sometimes you have a nice relaxing level flying on a mosquitos back. Also it's a great plus that if you die you can continue from that segment of the level you aer in, and don't lose any lifes, you can't run out of them.

Fun in every little corner

Not just you can get whole new level of awesomness (by collecting trophies), but even the loading screen is fun. You can move with Rayman, and at some level's loading screen you can get an extra heart if your are quick enough. Also great that once you watched a cutscene you can skip it. Hmmm it's like the creators of this game really LISTENED to the gamers opinions, and put enough time and effort into this game. Even the end credit is a little game, where you can collect Lums, but if you are bored you can skip it.

Beautiful, beautiful Ubi art

Every aspect of the game is beautifully made, with great colors. Every theme is perfectly made, with fitting environment, enemies, color scheme, and music. It is loyal to the other Rayman game art.

Final Verdict

This game just sucks you in and doesn't let you out until you don't rescue the last teensie, don't collect tha last trophy. Even then you still have new challanges every day. So it's the best platform game of the year in my opinion (maybe the best platform game ever)

Final Score


Thursday, September 5, 2013

A mouse and the illusion castle

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Genre: 2.5D Platformer

Released by: Sega

This game is a HD remake of an old 1990 game with the same title. I haven't decided my side on HD remakes of old games. There are good ones, there are bad ones... This is a mediocre one. I didn't play the original game, so I can't make a comparative analysis.

This game is more suited for a child, mainly because it is about Mickey Mouse. Of course everybody loves Mickey, but I don't. He is the most annoying cartoon character I've ever seen. I don't know why the studio felt like they needed to put money in this game, but oh well thy know it better.

It is a shame, that this wasthe last of Sega Studio Australia's games, they would have deserved a better happy ending.

The Good:
- the environment is well done and good for the overall mood of the game
- we have collectables

The Bad:
- Mickey Mouse is in there
- short and unchallenging

Once upon a time...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were having a romantic picknick when suddenly appears the witch from Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs (how did she get there? wasn't she pushed brutally down from the top of the rocks? how could she survive that?) Moving on. What would the witch, Misrabel want from them? Oh of course! Minnie's youth. She kidnaps her, and takes her into the castle of illusions. Mickey, like a brave cartoon mouse goes after her. Before he goes in, a wise old mouse appears out of nowhere (what? is he standing there all day waiting for boyfriends whose girlfriend was kidnapped by the witch?), and tells him, he has to collect 7 gems from 7 gemkeepers to defeat Msirabel.

Magic tricks

You have a brief tutorial and some tips in the Help and Options menu. You have your character, Mickey, who can jump on enemies and throw objects at them. I like that it is 2.5D, not just simply 2D platformer. You enter the castle and has to collect diamonds to open new doors in the castle, and that is also a plus. Also you have other collectables in the levels, statues, treasure chests and lives for yourself. There are some parts, like running from a giant apple, and I don't really like parts like that. Behind every door you unlock there are 3 acts, and in the end there is a boss, the gemholders. The whole gameplay, beside that it is 2.5D (I would have liked to see more 3D), very very similar to the Ducktales Remastered. Mickey doesn't react 100% perfectly to the buttons, so that can be irritating. He is also very vulnerable, you have to be very precise when attacking enemies and jumping on smaller or moving platforms (like on top of those poor little chained ghosts, I wonder what they did to deserve it). Another good aspect of the game is, that you can continue if you are out of lives and don't have to replay the whole act, although you lose most of your collected stuff. There are some pretty good and unique elements, like the crates making you go upside down, and puzzles like when you have to get through some black and red tiles, and they sometimes disappear and you fall. But oh wait there is a trick... Yeah you will have to figure it out for yourself. After completing the levels, you can go back and replay it with a time limit. This game is not too challanging (there is a boss who literally beats himself up), it can played played through in a couple of hours. After the big fight with Misrabel, which is a though one (of course final boss and everything), it would have been great to have a little more exploration.

Illusions, eh?

All in all it is a castle of illusion, and there are some fun illusions. I liked the overall setting and environment, the enemies and diamonds and other stuff you have to collect, also the bosses were neat (like a Jack-in-the-box), jumping through magic hats, etc... Mickey's voice is just realy annoying. But come on how could they make a game about Mickey Mouse without his voice? No illusions needed here: don't make another game about Mickey Mouse. Why not Goofy? He is more adorable and not a creepy looking high-pitched voiced mouse. All in all without the main character, I have a positive opinion about the game.About the music, you can choose from the remastered soundtrack, or the old 16-bit music. The narrative can get sometimes pretty annoying. Maybe without any speech this game would have been more enjoyable.

Through the looking glass

This game is not much about the graphics. Simple models, simple environment, not too much effot put into it, although much more effort than intoDucktales Remastered. I it's art it can be seen that it is a Disney game, which is good, I'm a big fan of Disney.

Final Verdict

Enjoyable for children, whose parents don't want them to play GTA. For a remake (even if it's hard to recognize), it is from the better ones. It has the best elements of a platformer game, combined with a 3D look. If it weren't a remake I would have expected much more of this game.

Final Score

4/10 (because of Mickey's Hops)

Golden Joystick Awards

Golden Joysticks are the oldest gaming awards, and they are voted by the public. Now you can vote for this year's awards in a couple of different categories.


I don't want to ifnulence anyone but here is what I chose.
For best newcomer, it was abvious choice, (I have to mention I didn't play Last of Us I don't have a Playstation), so it was Dishonored. With it's fresh gameplay, and a great overall mood of the game this is the winner for me.

For best online game I was in a little trouble. I don't play too many online games, and can't afford most of them. I wanted to vote for the Secret World but I haven't played it so it wouldn't be fair. So in the end for the Hoooorde!

Although I like indie games, I didn't play any of them, no vote there.

No handheld gaming devices as well... Although I would like a Nintendo DS3.

Best storytelling was a though one. There was Bioshock Infinite and Brothers: A tale of two sons. Both stories were amazing, but I chose the brothers. Maybe because I just played them today and I'm still under their influence...

I play multiplayer once a year so no vote there.

For mobile games... I haven't played any of them, I don't want to spend money for a mobile game, I don't think it's worth it.

Best visual design was an easy choice. Although there was Borderlands 2 and DMC, and they both have stunning, unique design, I kinda have a crush on steampunk stuff, so it was Bioshock Infinite.

I only own a PC so there was no choice for me. (that's not bad Ilooove my little PC)

Best moment. Hmmm... I am not yet at the DMC moment, so that was out. The Tomb Raider Radio Tower was pretty awesome, but not that awesome. The others or I didn't play or I was not amazed that much, as at the Bioshock Infinite moment.

Innovation of the year in my opinion is the Oculus Rift. I can't wait to have some kind of virtual reality machine in the future...

Studio of the year: definately TellTale Games.

About the Youtube gamer... I only watch one, and that is not here.

The absolute most wanted for me is the Thief. I can't wait to play it. Thief III was one of my all time fav games.

And finally game of the year: Bioshock Infinite. (I bet it won't be this game, my fav games are never chosen if I vote).

A tale of two brothers

Genre: Adventure, fantasy
Released by: 505 Games

One of the best and most beautiful games released this year. It is a 1 player game, but I okayed it with my little sister, so the story was close to my heart.

- Great graphics
- Beautiful environment
- Great, touching story

- Short

The graphics

Everything looks so beautiful in this game. The textures, the environment, the creatures and humans,  it looks like something that was made by great 3d modellers and animators. Everything goes together beautifully.


The Gameplay

It has some puzzles, which are not too difficult, but just enough to enjoy it, and they aren't what his game is about. You have two characters, two brothers, and they can interact with several objects around them. You have some other stuff except puzzles, like flying, which is a great add to the gameplay.

The Story

This is not about some epic quest to save a world, or a princess. It is about two brothers, who have lost their mother and now their father got sick, so they have to go get medicine for him. They travel through fantastic lands, and meet with several creatures. Although as beautiful as seems, well... It's better if I don't say anything.

The Mood

The music, environment, textures and everything is just perfect, fantastic and so calm.

Final Verdict

Short and sweet. The most beautiful game I've ever played.

Final Score


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them...

A couple days ago I played Guardians of Middle Earth, and I thought let's do a top Lotr games for this weeks weekly top.

*10. Conquest (2009, EA)

Didn't play it, but I will try it soon.

9. Guardians of Middle-Earth (2013, Warner Bros) 

 This game is a disaster. A MOBA out of Lotr? Why? Why would somebody do such a sin? Just leave MOBA's to idiots who play LOL and stuff but don't pollute the Lotr world with such stupidities. Althoug have to mention the graphics look good.

8. War in the North (2011, Warner Bros)

RPG, but one of the worst I have ever played. Maybe I had my hopes too high when I heard there will be a Lotr RPG OMG. I don't really like RPG's without a decent free world, where I can do my little sidequests, crafting and maybe buying a house in Hobbiton. So I was just too disappointed to appreciate the game.

7. Return of the King (2003, EA)


Third part of the trilogy, although I just can't understand why they didn't make the middle part of it to PC. Much much much worse game than the first, Feloowship of the Ring. I don't know what went wrong at the EA, but they screwed this up pretty bad after the first. Maybe it was beacuse of the first game's low ratings (which I don't approve). Should be about huge battles, but this game is only huge battles, with no differences between them, and nothing else.

6. The Hobbit (2003, Sierra)

2002, 2003 was a good year in lotr games. Although this might seem a little childish, if you are a fan of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, this is a fun game, with cute cartoony graphics. A fast paced adventure game.

5. Lord of the Rings Online + expansions (2007, Turbine Inc.)

I don't really like MMORPG's, 'cause you know you have to socialize and stuff... But this is a good one. You can shoose your race, customize your appearance, etc... basic stuff for a MMO, and then you can start your journey and gain experience. You have a great storyine, the gameplay is not boring, so all in all it's worth to play it for a while.

4. Battle for Middle-Earth I-II + The Rise of the Witch-King (2004, 2006, EA)


Real-time strategy. It is a simple one, but a good one. Good and evil campagins.

3. Lego Lord of the Rings (2012, Warner Bros.)

 I know gamers ar not a fan of Lego games. I play most Lego games because of my little sister, but this one I enjoyed. It was a little boring at first, because I rushed through it to get to the freeplay. But then I was enchanted by collecting the characters, experiencing their powers, solving the puzzles, etc... The game is just so cute, you have to collect everything, and when everything is done you still want a little more of the collecitbles.

2. War of the Ring (2003, Sierra)

Real-time strategy, a pretty good one. Not too monoton, with enough action, good storyline, great gameplay similar to Warcraft III, and I liked the graphics as well. You can experience a good and evil campagin as well.

1. The Fellowship of the Ring (2002, Vivendi Universal Games)

And the top game. This is an action adventure game, one of the first game about lotr, and in my opinion best. It was close to the War of the Ring, but I had to choose this because in the beginning of the game I'm in Hobbiton. This game walks you through the story of the first book or film, making you solve puzzles and fight your way through Middle-Earth. Exciting, fast gameplay, a perfect example of an action adventure game. I don't understand why it has such a low rating on many gaming sites. Oh yeah maybe because it is not a stupid FPS, where the only goal is to kill eery moving thing (I have to mention I like FPS's but it is irritating sometimes ho high ratings they get).

Weekly Geeky Productsies

For all the geeky gentleman out there:

You can never know when you will be in need of a health or mana potion. But wait. It's right there in your ear!

Invito Tshirt

A good old Monopoly game. Everything better with Harry Potter.

If I would have an Iphone (but I'm on Android's side) I would want this

So... anyone picking on me? Hm? Hm? Hm?

Zelda Necklace Kokiri Forest. Looks cute

Cool spikey back thingy. Maybe not for everyda wear...

Superhero+Villain cushion

It's a shoe with wings. I believe I can flyyyy...

Lumber Island or Slumber Island?

Genre: Horror survival
Released by: Dean Forge, 2013

The shortest horror survival game I have played, and one of the most boring also (I am pretty much scared from my own shadow so if I say it's boring it is boring!!!)

The gameplay
You can move and jump and that's it. You pick up what you stumble across, and can't drop it, no inventory, nothing. The enemy is a masked guy with an axe, who walks after you. No running, just walking slowly (and not like in the movies that he appear in front of you... he literally just walks after you). You have sort of a "companion" a teddy bear, which I enjoyed, and was so cute.

The Graphics
Not much to say about it pretty simple.

The story (SPOILER)
We don't find out much in this chapter, only that the owner of the island didn't wanted to sell his island, although he was threatened, and his wife and child left him there.

The mood
The mood is ok for a horror survival game.

Final Verdict
Short and... no not sweet.

Final Score

The Sims 3 Into the future Producer Walkthrough

I can't wait to play this expansion. I like how they added robots. You can change the past or the future. This expansion will be the best of all! I can't wait to destroy my city and make them live in a postapocalyptic city.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Releases Sept 1

Big Releases

Total War: Rome II

Genre: Strategy

Released by: SEGA

I think it's time for me to try a Total War game.

Rayman Legends

Genre: Action

Released by: Ubisoft

Love Rayman, love Ubisoft, what could go wrong with this game?


Genre: Horror survival, explorer

Released by: Red Barrel

Looks pretty nice, a little Amnesia copy, but I can forgive that. Probably won't play it alone at night...

Smaller Releases

Brothers: A Tale of two sons

Genre: Adventure

Released by: 505 Games

Looking forward to play this game.

Disney Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Genre: Action

Released by: Sega

Never played a 3D Mickey Mouse game before, but this looks nice.

The last door: Chapter 3

Genre: Adventure

Released by: The game Kitchen

Look lik eold adventure games. I guess I should give it a try.

Weekly PC Releases for last week (cause I am lazy...)

Big Releases

Final Fantasy XIV- A Realm Reborn

Genre: RPG

Released by: Square Enix

When I'm in the mood I like Final Fantasy. The trailer doesn't look bad, maybe I will give it a shot.

Lost Planet 3

Genre: Shooter

Released by: Capcom

Well after the trailer I can't say that I'm impressed. I didn't play any lost planet, maybe it is time to try it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Ultimate Edition)

Genre: Action

Released by: Konami

Looks good, I will definately play it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Genre: Action

Released by: Activision

TMNT was big part of my childhood. I'm curious about this game. Although I think TMNT stuff should remain at cartoony style, and cartoons only.


Genre: Adventure

Released by: Daedalic Entertainment

Epic quest, have to solve the riddle... Seems like something I would like.

Guardians of Middle-Earth

Genre: MOBA

Released by: Warner Bros. Interactive

Too bad it's a MOBA...

Smaller Releases

Shadowplay: Journey to Wonderland

Genre: Platformer

Released by: desertfoxsoftware

The title says it all.


Genre: I would say badger life simulation

Released by: Might and Delight

Why would somebody do a video game about a badger??? These nowadays indie games... But maybe it would be like Proteus, which I thought it's stupid, but after I played it I was like Wooooow.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Review

Genre: Adventure

Electronic Arts, 2001


It was a cold, rainy night. I was sitting alone in my room and I just had a brilliant thought. Why not replay the first Harry Potter game? So I spent the night playing it. When I was younger I could never defeat Voldemort in the end so I never actually finished the game. But this time I made it. Yaaaay for me!

- I wanted to say there is no bad in this game, but I don't like when I can't skip cutscenes...
- also a little short

- I'm in Hogwarts!!!

The Graphics

The graphics aren't perfect, but remember it is a game from more than 10 years ago... 

The gameplay

I love this gameplay. I never saw gameplay like this before. I like the collectable magic cards, the quidditch, learning spells, collecting beans... It's just a perfect combination. 

The story

Well if you don't know the story shame on you. Go buy the book or if you are to lazy to do that watch the movie.

The mood

The game gives us back exactly the mood from the books. The music is sooo cute and amazing. The only thing I missed a little is a snowy level. (snow is the best!!!) The castle, the dungeons, Hagrid's Hut, everything fits into the HP universe.

Final Verdict

Old but gold.

Final score


Guardians of Middle Earth review

Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, 2013


To begin with I am a huge LoTR fan. But I hate games like LOL. So this is a hard one. The graphics and the whole game just looks absolutely beautiful. I didn't play it too much, so I can't say much about the gameplay. You have a team, your hero, abilities, potions, commands, etc... and you have to defeat the enemy team.

- it is a MOBA

- beautiful graphics
- about LoTR

Final Verdict

If I would like MOBA's it would probably be one of my favorite games

Final Score


Monday, August 26, 2013

Darksiders Review

Genre: Action adventure, Hack and slash
 THQ, 2010


I know it's not the newest game, but I accidentaly instaled it so I gave it a shot. Everywhere I saw high scores, and good opinions about it. Although I can't see why it is such a big deal. I played for a couple of hours, but I got bored at the beginning, I only continued to play only because of the scores, and in the trailer it seemed more fun.

- boring, repetitive gameplay and puzzles
- swimming (I usually enjoy it in games but here it'sjust boring)

- story
- graphics

The Graphics
The graphics are pretty good, nothing special, but still a little cartoony twist they are one of the reasons why I continued to play at the beginning. The enemies and environment look great.

The gameplay
The gameplay is too boring. It is like a bad Devil May Cry clone, without the cool stuff. You only go and slash. I know that what hack-and-slash means, but hey there is for ex. DmC and that is waaaaay far from boring. There are no special combos or big moves except that you can activate that mode, but that gets boring. You get new gear, but that doesn't compensate for the dullnes of the fights.

The story
The story is very good, in a post-apocalyptic world you have the Knights of th Apocalypse, being War. Someone wants to scam him that he started the war. Interesting storyline, with a better gameplay it could have been one of the best games of 2010 for me as well.

Final Verdict
All in all if it wasn't for the graphics and story I don't think it would made such good scores.

Final Score

Rainy day afternoon games

Raining outside, you are sitting in a cozy warm room under a blanket. Only one question remains. Which game to play? This is a good time to dust off some old games, or try out something new, or a game about which you have heard so much.

My top 5 coziest games for a rainy day

5. Alice: Madness Returns

Our heorine, Alice thinks she is starting to go nuts. Or maybe it is real? Interesting, dark mood, goes well with the rain.

4. Slender The Arrival

Rainy days also a great time to play horror games. The sound of the rain, a creepy tall guy behind you...

3. Any Harry Potter game

Everyone knows what a cozy atmosphere has the Hogwarts. The games give back this atmosphere pretty good, mostly the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix...

2. Game of Thrones

Not one of the best gameplays or graphics, but the story is great, just like every story in Westeros.

1. The Longest Journey

Little old, but all-time favorite. Not like any other adventure games, has interesting story, great mood, two worlds...

DuckTales Remastered Review

Genre: Platformer

Capcom, 2013


I've never played the old game, but I saw the cartoon, and had several comics, and small books. Ducktales, and Donald Duck was a huge part of my childhood, mostly with Huey, Louie and Dewey, so I was pretty happy playing the game. Of course the main goal is to find money and treasure for Scrooge, but there are some complications.I'm always affraid when trying a remake, but I think this one turned out fine. I really like the characters accents.

- Enjoyable
- Artwork Extra
- Good graphics
- Fun gameplay
- Can skip cutscenes

- Not always responding immediatly to buttons
- Short
- Many unnecessary cutscenes
- Can't replay levels for more money

The Graphics

As I saw screenshots of the old game, I think they made a pretty good looking game for a platformer.

The Gameplay

It's a really fast moving, fun little game. You jump with your swagger-stick on enemies head, collecting treasure in the meantime. Sometimes the maid shows up giving helpful cakes and extra lives. You have a couple of themes for levels, Amazone, Transylvani (my fav since I'm from there), Moon, etc... On every level you have to collect some items, you have secret tunnels, and on the end of every stage there is a boss fights. Not impossible to play the game, but not that simple to be boring. Perfect balance for a relaxing gameplay. Although sometimes it can be irritating that Scrooge doesn't reacts in the moment when you press the button. There are many cutscenes, at first it's fun to know the story, but after a couple of times, when you have to replay a level because didn't made it in the first attempt it's annoying, but yu can skiip it.

The story

We have our base characters, Scrooge, his nephews, and Webby, a couple of helping characters, like the maid, the little prehistorikduck (I can't remember their names), and of course the big enemies: Magicka DeSpell and Flintheart Glomgold.

The Extras

There are some extras in the game, which are fun. There is the well-known swimmingpool-vault of gold, you can jump in and enjoy your well-earned money. Then there is concept art, you can unlock it by collecting money in the game and buying them. I always enjoy seeing artwork in the game, so it's a good addition.

Final Verdict

Enjoyable little game. Great relaxation for a Sunday afternoon.

Final Score