Monday, August 26, 2013

DuckTales Remastered Review

Genre: Platformer

Capcom, 2013


I've never played the old game, but I saw the cartoon, and had several comics, and small books. Ducktales, and Donald Duck was a huge part of my childhood, mostly with Huey, Louie and Dewey, so I was pretty happy playing the game. Of course the main goal is to find money and treasure for Scrooge, but there are some complications.I'm always affraid when trying a remake, but I think this one turned out fine. I really like the characters accents.

- Enjoyable
- Artwork Extra
- Good graphics
- Fun gameplay
- Can skip cutscenes

- Not always responding immediatly to buttons
- Short
- Many unnecessary cutscenes
- Can't replay levels for more money

The Graphics

As I saw screenshots of the old game, I think they made a pretty good looking game for a platformer.

The Gameplay

It's a really fast moving, fun little game. You jump with your swagger-stick on enemies head, collecting treasure in the meantime. Sometimes the maid shows up giving helpful cakes and extra lives. You have a couple of themes for levels, Amazone, Transylvani (my fav since I'm from there), Moon, etc... On every level you have to collect some items, you have secret tunnels, and on the end of every stage there is a boss fights. Not impossible to play the game, but not that simple to be boring. Perfect balance for a relaxing gameplay. Although sometimes it can be irritating that Scrooge doesn't reacts in the moment when you press the button. There are many cutscenes, at first it's fun to know the story, but after a couple of times, when you have to replay a level because didn't made it in the first attempt it's annoying, but yu can skiip it.

The story

We have our base characters, Scrooge, his nephews, and Webby, a couple of helping characters, like the maid, the little prehistorikduck (I can't remember their names), and of course the big enemies: Magicka DeSpell and Flintheart Glomgold.

The Extras

There are some extras in the game, which are fun. There is the well-known swimmingpool-vault of gold, you can jump in and enjoy your well-earned money. Then there is concept art, you can unlock it by collecting money in the game and buying them. I always enjoy seeing artwork in the game, so it's a good addition.

Final Verdict

Enjoyable little game. Great relaxation for a Sunday afternoon.

Final Score


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