Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekly Geeky Products

1. NES Cartridge Ring

2. Harry Potter bracelet

You can get it in THIS ETsy shop for only 5.66$.

3. Leather Bioshock Splicer Bunny Mask

Can have it from THIS Etsy shop, for 80$. Also there are quite a few masks at this shop that look amazing.

4. Legend of Zelda Triforce Hoodie

5. Batman Hoodie
I'm always in trouble finding decent hoodies but this one just amazing.

6.Comic Superhero Leggings
I don't know where can you find it, but it looks so amazing.

7. Falcon Pillow/Beanbag
If I would be sitting on it I would be much more happier than that girl on the picture. Just saying.

8. Dante's Necklace
A must for every DMC fan. Can get it if you buy the game from Capcom, or find it at Amazon.

9.Portal Companion Panties
How could you impress more your geeky boyfriend, than wearing this? Also if you don't have one, here's your little companion.

10. Mario Plant Earrings
I don't know where you can get it, but if you are a little crafty can easily make it with modelling clay.

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