Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sims 4 First Official Gameplay Trailer

Genre: Life simulation

Publisher: EA Games

Everybody likes messing with the little people in the Sims games. In 2014 will come the next game (which I can't wait for)

Character creation

I always had trouble with sliders, this new way of sculpting them, like you can sculpt clay, looks really great. Much simpler than with the sliders, this looks so much better than in the other Sims.
+ you can customize their movement.
I would like to see more about new clothes, maybe accesories. I hope there will be lots and lots of them, maybe alien and zombie skin... (I bet there will be an expansion for stuff like this)


This is quite new, I can't wait to play with their emotions (I like playing God in games). Also like the voodoo doll revenge.
+ the environment affects them more than before.


Big + that you can move rooms. I had sometimes trouble with building a room and then wanting to relocate it but didn't had the mood to rebuild the whole room. Always planned to build huge houses with interesting architecture, but maybe in this one I will already do it.

This game looks really promising. I like that characters aren't too realistic, I think that would have ruined the game. I can't wait for more gameplay, and the game.

This trailer made me to reinstall Sims 3...

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