Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekly Retro Earthworm Jim

Genre: Run and gun, side-scrolling platform game

Release date: 1994

Released by: Sega

Yesterday I saw a picture about Earthworm Jim, and today I had time to reinstall it. I remembered that it is a great game, I loved it when I was a child. But now I didn't had the patience to finish the first stage. It's exactly the same situation like I loved Scooby Doo when I was a child, but know I can't even watch it for 5 minutes. Maybe it's because I have played so many better games (better stories, better and smoother gameplay, not especially better graphics). I don't know. I was irritated how all those crows just came at me and I couldn't even aim exaclty at them.
In it's time it seemed like it was one of the best games. Although it was a time when I had only Super Mario and Prehistorik available on my computer.
The hero is an earthworm named Jim. I didn't realize this until now (english is not my native language, so I'm not surprised that I didn't observe this as a child). Maybe I liked it because it was so cartoony and fun to look at.

Trailer (Couldn't find a decent trailer, old game...)


Side-scrolling, which is not my favorite. Run and shoot, I like it when I'm in the mood. (The perfect combination of these two is maybe the Jazz Jackrabbit series) You have a gun, and Jim's head, that is also a whip. With your whip you can do things, you know stuff, like grab, swing, etc... Usually you have bosses as well, Major Mucus, and Evil The Cat (I can only remember their names). I liked the little in-between level game, where you could control Jim and his rocket.


As a child I only realized that there is a worm in a cool space suit who kills every moving creature on the level. Now I see it as a kind of post-apocalyptic world scenario, where a mutant worm fights the evil mutanst. I never finished the game, but I looked on the internet and ther is a princess at the end, Princess What's-Her-Name. SPOILER at the end the Princess is crushed by a flying crow... So much for Jim's happy ending.


There is a HD remake, with new levels and multiplayer ame. Also Earthworm Jim 2 was released, but I never got to play it.

Tv series based on this

They made a tv series out of this, 1995-1996, two seasons. Only if I would have known this as I child...

Old rating (as I remember): 70% (out of 100%)

New rating (my opinion now): 35% (out of 100%)

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