Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Devil May Cry - Beating Bob's Giant Head Guide

Didn't had any trouble with any of the foes until this point. Little trouble, but after a couple of tries I figured it out. I didn't really like how this enemy looks. I loved more the demonish looking foes, mostly the Harpies. But oh well I get past it. At first I realized that there are those shiny red thingys on the ground, but somehow didn't get to my mind that I have to do something with them. 


He has 4 kind of attacks. You can see which one is coming when it satrts forming under the giant Bob head

Green one

It starts two beams, which you can avoid easily by jumping over them.


 Yellow one

 Shoots a circular attack all over the place. You have to watch out for the gaps, where you can jump through it.

Purple one

This one's easy. Shoots three beams, close to the ground, can easily jump above it.

Blue one

This are the slowest to charge, so you will have plenty of time to run to safety. This is one huge beam. My tip is just run from it.

Now that we know about the attacks, we can look at the red spots on the ground. You have to bash them with the eryx stomp attack, until then it is pretty hard to kill it. Once you enter his vulnerable side, you can hit him. After a while he will charge an orange attack, just avoid it and you can hit him again. Once finished with one health bar of Bob, you enter his eye and have to fight a couple of weaker enemies. After this you're back to his invincible state. Now you have to bash two red thingies. The same story as before, and you have to do it third time, now bashing 3 thingies (you have to be really quick here or they restart themselves).

That's it you beat Bob's Giant Head!

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