Monday, August 26, 2013

Gone Home Review

Genre: Simulation, Exploration, Interactive story

Fullbright Company, 2013


At first I was excited to play this game. I'm a big fan of exploration games, although most of them are horror games, which I don't always have the mood for. So I was looking forward to this game, how cool I can explore a house, find out a story... But after 5 minutes playing the game I was pretty disappointed. This game is nowhere close to exciting, innovative, or any good aspect.

Bad :
- Boring, simple story
- Bad graphics
- Boring puzzles

- The exploration style is good

The Graphics

Compared to nowadays games, this game looks pretty crappy. There are many decorations, and stuff in the house, but non of them look anything special. It's like the designers didn't even try. Just took a simple house and made it into 3D, undetailed, boring scenes.Maybe they wanted a realistic environment, but this is nothing I call realistic.

The gameplay

The game doesn't need much time, maybe 3 hours max. You just go around the house, with some little puzzles to solve, but not much brain activity needed for them, grab a couple of objects, read some notes, and that's it. You beat th game. If you just want to look around a house and several objects from a families life (a pretty boring life), then this is your game. The only good thing in this game is the exploration itself. If it would have been with more interesting items, and story this could have been a good game.

The story

Many people say this game is so great because it is so emotional, and has a sad, dark story. But I think this is just a simple story of an everyday family. When I saw that the father is a writer, I thought hey maybe there is something interesting about him, or his books, but not even that.

The mood

Those flickering lights, the sounds of tht thunder... It makes you feel like you are playing a horror game. It just doesn't go with the story. Maybe if the story took place in a warm sunset, that would have made tha game more enjoyable. The horrorific elements have nothing to do with this game. There are too kinds of music, the rock music from the tapes, an element what I finally liked, and the ambient background music.

Final Verdict

This game seems like a quick toss off of a couple elements, but not put enough thought into it. This could have been a great game, maybe with a better, more interesting story. I don't say there has to be supernaural, fantasy, or horror elements, but if none of these is present you need a pretty good story for a video game. And this one is not. I don't know why it got such big scores on IGN and Metacritic. This game doesn't deserve to be between games like Bioshock Infinite, and get even higher than so much better games. 

Final score


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