Thursday, March 13, 2014

South Park: Stick of Truth

Genre: RPG
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Released: 4. March 2014

Who doesn't know South Park? Well finally the videogame came out! It is hilarious, it is epic, and it is South Park!

The Good:
- all the references from the cartoons
- cool story, Douchebag
- collectibles, treasures, chinpokomons
- the social networking

The Bad:
- can't choose characters gender

The world is in war. The Stick of Truth has to be defended. The Great Wizard of Kingdom of Kupa Keep (KKK) is in charge of humans, who are in war with the Elven Kingdom. You are the Hero, who is everybody speaking of. Your parents moved to South Park in hope for you to be safe, and to make new friends.

After the intro, the player gets to create the character. Although I didn't like that you can't change the gender, so I went on to make a girly boy, and besides that the variety of modifications is big. Plus the player can collect makeups, hairs and clothes, and other features meanwhile the game. Take poop in everybodie's home to get all the shit nuggets, beat up all the hobos, go to Kenny's worn down poorhouse, yeah it got the South Park feeling. Of course there has to be social networking, read all your friends messages (like Kenny status if you agree with him that he is the fairest maiden in the Kingdom), be the most popular kid, and read how Cartman makes fun of you after watching a video about you getting pepper sprayed.

While levelling up, you gain new abilities, and by being more and more popular gaining perks. After entering Cartman's Kingdom, which of course comes with a weekly fee, the player gets to choose the class: warrior, mage, thief or jew. Well you won't be friends with Cartman in case of jew class. The combat is turn based, with options to use melee or ranged weapon, or special abilities. Plus there are healing and reviving items just as in any decent RPG. While exploring the town, find hidden treasures (mainly junks and small amount of cash), and discover collectibles like friends and chinpokomns. Make sure you shoot everything!

I really liked how they didn't make it into 3D, and remained the same animation as in the cartoon. They took all the references and made it into this game, which is great for every South Park fan. I smiles at every small reference, I probably know most of them since I saw every episode like 6 times. I loved how I found Terrance and Philip action figures, Faith +1 CDs, Antonio Banderas sex dolls, and many other junk. Another positive is that I get to visit every character's house, and all of them are faithful to the cartoon. In some rooms there are closets full of stuff related to that character. The soundtrack sometimes gets pretty epic, big fights, stables with mighty cats, flowers for Princess Kenny, everything that makes part of a good fantasy story.

Every bit of this game is pure South Park, and that's a very good thing. I enjoyed this game so much, it was like watching a really long episode.

Final Score:

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