Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New releases March 25 - April 1

March 24
Road so far
Genre: Platforemer, RPG

Genre: JRPG

Escape goat 2
Genre: Puzzle platformer
March 25
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at sea: Episode Two
Genre: FPS

Genre: Third Person MOBA

Ether one
Genre: First-person adventure

Pier Solar HD
Genre: JRPG

Quest of dungeons
Genre: RPG

March 26
Unclaimed world
Genre: colony sim game

March 27

Castlevania: Lords of sahodw 2: Mirror of fate

March 28

Rogues tale
Genre: RPG

Monday, March 17, 2014

Angry Birds Epic new trailer

Newest game of Angry Birds series, although a little bit different than what we've seen untill now. This will be an epic fantasy RPG, war between the very angry birds fighting the bad piggies.

Bluestacks app player for PC

I bet few of you heard about this program. Well, it's really handy when you don't have the money for the newest Samsung or Iphone, but still want to play Android and IOS games or apps.

PC game releases March 17 - March 24

Nothing big this week, except the Deus Ex, some smaller indie games, and a couple from last week.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

South Park: Stick of Truth

Genre: RPG
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Released: 4. March 2014

Who doesn't know South Park? Well finally the videogame came out! It is hilarious, it is epic, and it is South Park!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Year Walk

Genre: Adventure, Point and click

Developer: Simogo

Released: 6. March 2014

In the old days man tried to catch a glimpse of the future in the strangest of ways. Enter the world of the horrifying Swedish folklore world in this great indie game.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend


Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios

Release Date:  April 4, 2014

I had the opportunity to try out the Elder Scrolls Online Beta this weekend. It was amazing, I was always a fan of Elder Scrolls games since I first played Morrowind, and although I am not a huge fan of MMO, this will be a great game.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Yawhg


Genre: RPG, Adventure

Developer: Damian Sommer, Emily Carroll

The good:

- beautiful artwork and soundtrack

- replayable

- many varieties in the adventures and outcomes


The bad:

- short


The mysterious Yawhg is coming. Your chosen heroes have 6 weeks to prepare for the arrival. Can you save the town?

This is a one-to-four player game. There are several locations in the city, where your heroes can do activities, like chopping wood in the forest, or tending the sick in the hospital.While doing these activities, they gain skill points, magic for meditating, persistency for fighting in the arena, etc. Plus every time you make an activity, a special scenario appears, and if you choose well your character gains additional points, or if you make the wrong decision you lose points. All your decisions are influencing the final outcome, the fate of your characters and the town. Although don't expect a 100% happy ending even if you think you did everything right.

It is a fairly short game, but can be replayed many times. One playthrough is around 10 minutes, even if you read everything carefully. The scenarios that come up are varied, and even if the same one comes up multiple times, the outcome depends on your already gathered skill points. When I finished first, I wanted more and more. I replayed many times, tried many variants of the activities, and every time I was surprised and excited about the ending. It can be played as a single player, or multiplayer. Both types can give a great experience, but with more people the game is more convincing, and you can imagine you are really there waiting in tension for the unknown.

The game is like a beautiful drawing, and you get involved in the fantastical town's life, choose leader for talking rats, become a werewolf, or if you are lucky dance through the night with a druid. Emily Carroll did a great job with the artwork. The soundtrack is gorgeous, after I stopped playing I couldn't stop listening to Halina Heron's song.

All together, the music, the illustrations give a special, fantastical mood, which just draws in the player into this magical world.

Final Score:


Monday, March 3, 2014


Genre: Stealth

Developer: Eidos Studios 

Finally I got to play this game. I've been waiting since I finished Thief: Deadly Shadows in 2004. For me the Thief series are the top in stealth games, so I kind of have a soft spot for this game.

The good:

- the stealth system

- the environment, and the mood

- Focus Points, new skills and items

- can save whenever I want

The bad:

- loading screen between city parts


Our hero, well we can't exactly speak of a hero, he is a thief,  but he has his moral code, Garrett. He returns to the City after a while, and soon gets a new mission. Meets Errin, complications arise, and he finds out that he was passed out a whole year after the incident. He gets a new mission, and troughout the game starts to put together what happened to him. I liked the characters, Garrett brings his shadows, and I just adored his messenger crow. Spy in brothels, crawl through underground caves, it has a huge variety in levels.

The game is made out of chapters, and inbetween them the player can take on side missions, go exploring the city, collect loot, and buy new equipment. I like this structure, it's not too frustrating, the only thing I didn't like is that the city is split into regions, and it loads them separately. I was happy to see that I can save whenever I want, and there is no autosave function, like in most games nowadays, I like to have control when I want to save my game. You can choose your playstyle, whether you want to stealth trough, or bump every enemiy in the head, the game counts the choices you made and after every chapter gives you a statistic about it.

The player can choose from multiple paths, maybe slide under the city to get to the next goal, or use shadows to knock out the guards. All in all the accent is on the stealthy gameplay, with not many variants for melee combat, and that's another huge plus for me. I have played enough other games where I have to kill hundreds of enemies just to get to the next goal and that gets boring quickly.  There are many other elements that are much more interesting than just shooting or fighting, like distracting enemies, swooping through lit areas into the shadows, new tools and arrows, and there are the Focus Points. Focus Points are used to get special abilites, like seeing where the loots are in a room.

The game's middle difficulty is just perfect, but if somebody wants a big challange he can have it. The game can be played quickly, or take your time, explore everything, collect every document and loot, make all the challanges, etc. The levels are well designed, you can't go lost in a house, but you have enough side rooms and streets to not get bored by a too linear gameplay.

In the graphics I can see the old Thief games style, and that's great. Many games can't bring back their prequels's mood or style, but Eidos did a great job. Plus there are all the little details on the streets, in every room, like flyers on street walls, and little glass shards on floor.

This is a great game, worthy of the title, once you begin to play it you can never get bored of it. It can be replayed, depending on how you want to play it, maybe for collecting everything and completing every challange.

Final Score:


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pc Game Releases this week march 1 - march 8

South Park: Stick of Truth

Genre: RPG

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Date: March 4 

Who doesn't watch South Park? Finally arrives to PC.

 The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Telltale Games

Date: March 4

Long waited sequel in the episodic adventure game. What holds the future for Clementine?

Tower of Guns

Genre: Action

Developer: Terrible Posture Games

Date: March 4

Diehard Dungeon

Genre: Action

Developer: tricktale

Date: March 5

Year Walk

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Simogo

Date: March 6

 Pac-man and the ghostly adventures

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Date: March 7

Race to Mars

Genre: Simulation, strategy

Developer: Intermarum

Date: March 7

Post Master

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Excalibur

Date: March 8

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plague Inc.: Evolved (Early Access)


Genre: Strategy, simulation

Developer: Ndemic Creations

Release Date: 20. Feb. 2014


Who wouldn't dream about destroying humanity? Who isn't affraid that someday a new virus appears that wipes us out? Well in this game you can create your own pathogen, mutate it and spread it so it kills everyone on Earth.

This game was developed from the earlier mobile game, Plague Inc, and adds a couple new features. Create a pandemic that started from a single little bacteria or fungus or virus, choose whatever you would like and mutate it into a serial killer. One person doesn't wash hands, next one already infected and so on. It's a simple simulation, if not played on harder difficulties it's not too challangeing.
WARNING! The games content is not full, still early access, but it is stable, and they are planning in the next weeks to add multiplayer.

The overall look is beautiful and detailed, 3D models of the viruses, pretty pictures of cities, many diagrams ad graphs, nice color scheme. So name your epidemic and the apocalypse can begin.

There are three ways you can customize it, collecting evolution points and using them to mutate symptoms, resistances and other aspects which help you make it spread faster, make it more lethal and slow down the cure. Yor only "enemy" is the CDC, where they are developing the cure. It is your job to be faster than them if you don't want any nasty remaining humans to survive.Spread it continentally, through water and air, infect those rats and flies.

I think it will be worth to wait for all the components, just hope a Unicorn virus doesn't attack us till then.

Final Score:


Monday, February 24, 2014

Reaper - A Tale of a Pale Swordsman

Genre: Platformer, RPG, hack and slash

Platform: IOS, PC

Developer: Hexage

Release Date: 9. Sept. 2013



The good:

- artistic style

- story

The bad:

- choosing a side is not that important

- battles get boring

- the sound

I have to tell, I'm not a fan of IOS games to play on PC, or a version of them for PC, and this is not an exception. They are either too short, or too repetitive, or interesting but not challangeing enough, so I get bored, and there are so many game that are soo similar, it's not even worth it after the third Temple Run copy. I know it's hard for a game to come up with something original, and for mobile games are even less options, but still there are some original games, so it's not impossible. I have to admit, this game has some original mix of elements.

At first I only tried it because it looked cute. I don't know how it plays on a phone, but for a PC game it's a little dull. It's a simple game, with a mix of RPG elements (leveling, choices, inventory and equipment, XP), combined with action, hack and slash (couple of combinations for battles). Although this is not too innovative. The enemies come in waves or attack you by walking near, and they get harder to kill as you level up. At first it's is nicely balanced, but later on it gets boring that too much XP is needed for the next level, and after a couple of levels you can't buy much many new stuff and you loose interesting, since there is not enough reward. 

Every level you get to shoose a new skill, you have to choose from several cards, but it gets annoying that in one level-up you get two cards you want, in the next neither is good for you and you can't go back to choose from the last cards. All in all it's a pretty casual game, and I don't think it needed a PC release.

The best thing in the game is the artistic style, and the story is kind of interesting, that's the only thing that kept me playing. A lone pale little cutie knight (although everybody in the game notices how sickly and ghostly he looks) gets caught in a war between the local tribes of the Wilderness, the magic users, and the soldiers who want to take their land and oily thing (oh the irony). You can take sides, choose who to be friends with, although not always, and if you want to level you have to make quests for each sides, plus there is your friend, Old Grey Beard, who helps you the whole time. 

The graphics are nice, there are a variety of enemies, everything looks in place, the colors as well. The levels are varied, they have diversified backgrounds and matching enemies, so they did a nice job with that. The only thing that bothered me was the music. I don't think that's the music you choose for a game like this. But that's only my opinion.

I don't recommend buying this game for PC, although for phone it's acceptable, and it's better than the other games I have recently played, or unless you like simplier little RPG games, maybe for a little relaxing to turn your brain off.

Final Score:


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pc Game releases this week febr. 23 - march 2

February 25 will be a big day.

Thief 4


Developer: Eidos Studio

Date: Feb. 25

Newest  title in the great Thief series, looking great. I've been waiting for this for a very long time.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Genre: Action

Developer: MercurySteam

Date: Feb. 25

Still haven't played the first one, but looks good.

Plants vs. zombies: Garden Warfare

Genre: First-person shooter

Developer: PopCap Games

Date: Feb. 25

Here comes the long-waited sequel to the 2009 game.

Pac-man museum

Genre:Arcade, Collection

Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Date: Feb. 26

A collection of Pac-man games. 

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Genre: RPG

Developer:Harebrained Schemes

Date: Feb. 27

Expansion for Shadowrun game.

Resident Evil 4 ultimate edition HD

Genre: Third-person action

Developer: Capcom

Date: Feb. 28


Genre: Adventure

Developer: Senscape

Date: Feb.

Divinity: Original sin

Genre: RPG

Developer: Larian Studios

Date: Feb. 28

Theme Park Studio (early access)

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Pantera Entertainment

Date: Feb. 28

Chucks challange 3D

Genre: Puzzle

Developer:Niffler Ltd.

Date: Feb. 28

Plague inc: Evolved (early access)

Genre: Simulation, strategy

Developer:Ndemic Creations

Date: Feb. 20


Genre: JRPG

Developer: Dancing Dragon Games

Date: Feb. 21

The Yawhg

Genre: RPG

Developer: Damien Sommer, Emily Carroll

Date: Feb. 27

Melody's Escape

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Icetesy SPRL

Date: Feb. 26


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Genre: interactive adventure game

Developer: Locked Door Puzzle

Release Date: 17. Feb 2014

This isn't a game for masses, not a first person shooter with high quality graphics. It isn't a whole world of role-playing with monsters, weapons and magic. This isn't a strategy game with huge armies to control. If you only play games because of these, then back away slowly from this game. This is just a simple story about a young girl, and how she struggles with some events in her life.

With all the Telltale Games (Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us) interactive stories are becoming more and more and more popular. This game is not that great neither with story, neither with gameplay, neither with graphics, but it crawls into your heart. In it's 1-2 hour gameplay, you control a girl and have to rebuild her somehow-erased journal, walking through the sketchy, but beautiful hand-drawn pages of the journal. I have to admit the surroundings and 3D elements could have been made better, but the journal parts were weird in a lovely way and the narrating circus parts were just magnificent.

I think indie game maker, Richard Perrin, did a great job with this game's story. You are in a fog the whole game, you don't know the most important thing, and it is seldomly mentioned. The game focuses on speaking to other character, and deciding how the girl should behave. There are a couple of bigger decisions, but you can't change the major storyline. Because you are a little girl nobody wants to tell you anything, your parents don't want to tell you why they separated, plus you have troubles at school, struggling with anxiety, and depending on how you behave with your friends will decide how they treat you in the end. Just like in real life. The story deals with these things, which might seem difficult even for an adult, but how these things are even more difficult for a child. Meanwhile there is another storyline with shadow figurines, which at first might seem like it has nothing to do with our young girl, but in the end integrates slowly into her life.

I highly recommend this game, although as I mentioned it before, not for anyone who can't appreciate a simple but makes-you-think story.

Final Score:


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pc Game Releases this week febr. 16 - febr. 22

Just a couple of small games, nothing I've been dying to play.

Rambo: The Videogame

Genre: Action, First-person shooter

Developer: Teyon

Date: Feb. 21


Never was a big fan of Rambo, I don't see the point to waste money on a game like this.


Genre: Strategy, simulation

Developer: Shining Rock Software

Date: Feb. 18

 The most promising game of the week. Medieval themed simulation.


Genre: Adventure

Developer: Locked Door Puzzle

Date: Feb.17

Small indie game on Steam, about a girl in a hand painted journal.

99 Levels To Hell

Genre: 2D shooter, dungeon crawler platformer

Developer: Zaxis Games

Date: Feb. 19

Big Bad Wolf Among Us

Genre: point-and-click graphic adventure game

Developer: Telltale Games

Release Date:11.oct 2013 episode 1

                      14.febr 2014 episode 2

Telltale Games's new hit after award-winning Walking Dead series. We get the usual Telltale game mechanics. This exciting story  introduces us to Fabletown's exiled fairytale characters' struggle with the mundane life. For now there are two episodes released, and 3 more planned. Prepare for a lot of smoking and fighting!

World of Fables

 The story is based on Bill Willingham's Fables comics, Vertigo, actually a prequel to it. The game can be played without any knowledge about the story, anyway you get info while the story unfolds, in the Book of Fables. The exiled fables set up Fabletown, they have their own little government, with huge hidden caves and everything. In order for a fable to stay there, they need a human form, or to be able to buy glamour, a spell which transforms them into human (this is very expensive so they sometimes do stuff to get it), or if they can't afford it the are deported to the Farm. The government itself has serious workforce and money problems, their only sheriff is Bigby Wolf (the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs)

He is the main character of our story, ironic how the big bad wolf now has to protect the fables. There are many more famous fable characters, Snow White now working for the governor, Ichabod Crane, the problematic marriage between Beauty and Beast, the now thugs Tweedle Dee and Dum, bartender trolls, and many more surreal situations. This gives a certain humour to the game, Bigby's occasional roommate, Colin the pig, who says he owes him because he destroyed the three little pigs house, and my personal favorite, Bufkin, flying monkey from Oz, drunkard librarian. I loved this new, more mature and violent approach to fairy tales, everybody knows that originally they were more gory and horroristic, and I always wondered about those versions. Another interesting aspect, that these fairy tales are connected, they have the same wolf for example. Bigby has a hard time, even after the general amnesty the other characters look at him the same, they are afraid, and this is why his moral decisions are so hard to make.

The graphic style is typical Telltale game, little cartoony, much contour. It's like we enter of of those detective novels with a noir mood, but with really vivid colors mixed with darkness. Although the animations could be smoother the overall aspect is great, and with the music and sound effects perfectly match it. Taken the characters and fairy tales, we would expect a charming story, but in fact it is a violent, mature thriller. One of the three little pigs crushing on Bigby's couch, while smoking and drinking his booze, this gives a great style of humour. This lightens up a mood a little, Bigby standing in front of a soda machine giving us his idea of healthy lifestyle: "This shit will kill you", while he is lighting a cigarette every 2 minutes.

The basic game mechanics are similar to the Walking Dead game, three basic parts: point and click for object and puzzles, but less than in the Walking Dead, fighting scenes, where you have to react quickly, and the talking, with choices. Bigby's moral code is far from perfect, so the player will have a couple of hard choices. These affect the game, even in later episodes. You are faced with decisions to choose who will die and live, even if you don't realize it at the moment of decision. The game itself is very short, 2-3 hour per episode, so you have to wait long before the next part.

Final verdict

This game shows you how not even the fairytale life isn't just magic, and princes, and happy endings, and you can't get comfortable before something bad happens. It is a mature detective noir game, in spotlight with big bad wolf's difficult morale choices. I highly recommend playing it, like every other Telltale Game it's a hit.

Score: 10/10