Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plague Inc.: Evolved (Early Access)


Genre: Strategy, simulation

Developer: Ndemic Creations

Release Date: 20. Feb. 2014


Who wouldn't dream about destroying humanity? Who isn't affraid that someday a new virus appears that wipes us out? Well in this game you can create your own pathogen, mutate it and spread it so it kills everyone on Earth.

This game was developed from the earlier mobile game, Plague Inc, and adds a couple new features. Create a pandemic that started from a single little bacteria or fungus or virus, choose whatever you would like and mutate it into a serial killer. One person doesn't wash hands, next one already infected and so on. It's a simple simulation, if not played on harder difficulties it's not too challangeing.
WARNING! The games content is not full, still early access, but it is stable, and they are planning in the next weeks to add multiplayer.

The overall look is beautiful and detailed, 3D models of the viruses, pretty pictures of cities, many diagrams ad graphs, nice color scheme. So name your epidemic and the apocalypse can begin.

There are three ways you can customize it, collecting evolution points and using them to mutate symptoms, resistances and other aspects which help you make it spread faster, make it more lethal and slow down the cure. Yor only "enemy" is the CDC, where they are developing the cure. It is your job to be faster than them if you don't want any nasty remaining humans to survive.Spread it continentally, through water and air, infect those rats and flies.

I think it will be worth to wait for all the components, just hope a Unicorn virus doesn't attack us till then.

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