Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nevermind - Biofeedback horror game, or the future of gaming?

We've seen all kind of new game gadgets on the market and in developement, like Kinect, Oculus Rift, etc. I think we are slowly entering a new era of videogames. We have seen many times virtual reality machines in movies, books where you can enter the game, experience it more closely, and this fantasy is coming to life.

With this new Kickstarter project a group of people is trying to do a game that is sensor monitored, and the game changes the way you experience it. Nevermind is a biofeedback horror adventure game about tramuas, fears and everything that comes with these. We have seen many new indie horror/survival/adventure games lately. Mostly they are average games wit a few good exceptions. Then they added Oculus Rift, creating amazing lifelike game experience. And now we have this little wonder coming up. You put on you Oculus, plug in the sensor monitor and enter a whole new world.

The monitor tracks how scared the player gets, and you need to manage your anxiety to beat the game.  The story takes you into a dark world of traumatized victims, where you have to solve puzzles. The game design looks like it will create a proper atmosphere and mood to the game.

The game is already preapproved by Valve on Steam, and got many acknowledgements.

It will be playable without the motion sensor as well, but who are we kidding? That will be the reason we will buy this game.

So if you have a couple extra dollars go support this imaginative idea on Kickstarter:
Kickstarter Nevermind Biofeedback adventure horror game

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