Monday, August 26, 2013

Rainy day afternoon games

Raining outside, you are sitting in a cozy warm room under a blanket. Only one question remains. Which game to play? This is a good time to dust off some old games, or try out something new, or a game about which you have heard so much.

My top 5 coziest games for a rainy day

5. Alice: Madness Returns

Our heorine, Alice thinks she is starting to go nuts. Or maybe it is real? Interesting, dark mood, goes well with the rain.

4. Slender The Arrival

Rainy days also a great time to play horror games. The sound of the rain, a creepy tall guy behind you...

3. Any Harry Potter game

Everyone knows what a cozy atmosphere has the Hogwarts. The games give back this atmosphere pretty good, mostly the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of the Phoenix...

2. Game of Thrones

Not one of the best gameplays or graphics, but the story is great, just like every story in Westeros.

1. The Longest Journey

Little old, but all-time favorite. Not like any other adventure games, has interesting story, great mood, two worlds...

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