Thursday, September 5, 2013

A tale of two brothers

Genre: Adventure, fantasy
Released by: 505 Games

One of the best and most beautiful games released this year. It is a 1 player game, but I okayed it with my little sister, so the story was close to my heart.

- Great graphics
- Beautiful environment
- Great, touching story

- Short

The graphics

Everything looks so beautiful in this game. The textures, the environment, the creatures and humans,  it looks like something that was made by great 3d modellers and animators. Everything goes together beautifully.


The Gameplay

It has some puzzles, which are not too difficult, but just enough to enjoy it, and they aren't what his game is about. You have two characters, two brothers, and they can interact with several objects around them. You have some other stuff except puzzles, like flying, which is a great add to the gameplay.

The Story

This is not about some epic quest to save a world, or a princess. It is about two brothers, who have lost their mother and now their father got sick, so they have to go get medicine for him. They travel through fantastic lands, and meet with several creatures. Although as beautiful as seems, well... It's better if I don't say anything.

The Mood

The music, environment, textures and everything is just perfect, fantastic and so calm.

Final Verdict

Short and sweet. The most beautiful game I've ever played.

Final Score


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