Thursday, September 5, 2013

Golden Joystick Awards

Golden Joysticks are the oldest gaming awards, and they are voted by the public. Now you can vote for this year's awards in a couple of different categories.


I don't want to ifnulence anyone but here is what I chose.
For best newcomer, it was abvious choice, (I have to mention I didn't play Last of Us I don't have a Playstation), so it was Dishonored. With it's fresh gameplay, and a great overall mood of the game this is the winner for me.

For best online game I was in a little trouble. I don't play too many online games, and can't afford most of them. I wanted to vote for the Secret World but I haven't played it so it wouldn't be fair. So in the end for the Hoooorde!

Although I like indie games, I didn't play any of them, no vote there.

No handheld gaming devices as well... Although I would like a Nintendo DS3.

Best storytelling was a though one. There was Bioshock Infinite and Brothers: A tale of two sons. Both stories were amazing, but I chose the brothers. Maybe because I just played them today and I'm still under their influence...

I play multiplayer once a year so no vote there.

For mobile games... I haven't played any of them, I don't want to spend money for a mobile game, I don't think it's worth it.

Best visual design was an easy choice. Although there was Borderlands 2 and DMC, and they both have stunning, unique design, I kinda have a crush on steampunk stuff, so it was Bioshock Infinite.

I only own a PC so there was no choice for me. (that's not bad Ilooove my little PC)

Best moment. Hmmm... I am not yet at the DMC moment, so that was out. The Tomb Raider Radio Tower was pretty awesome, but not that awesome. The others or I didn't play or I was not amazed that much, as at the Bioshock Infinite moment.

Innovation of the year in my opinion is the Oculus Rift. I can't wait to have some kind of virtual reality machine in the future...

Studio of the year: definately TellTale Games.

About the Youtube gamer... I only watch one, and that is not here.

The absolute most wanted for me is the Thief. I can't wait to play it. Thief III was one of my all time fav games.

And finally game of the year: Bioshock Infinite. (I bet it won't be this game, my fav games are never chosen if I vote).

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