Monday, September 2, 2013

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Review

Genre: Adventure

Electronic Arts, 2001


It was a cold, rainy night. I was sitting alone in my room and I just had a brilliant thought. Why not replay the first Harry Potter game? So I spent the night playing it. When I was younger I could never defeat Voldemort in the end so I never actually finished the game. But this time I made it. Yaaaay for me!

- I wanted to say there is no bad in this game, but I don't like when I can't skip cutscenes...
- also a little short

- I'm in Hogwarts!!!

The Graphics

The graphics aren't perfect, but remember it is a game from more than 10 years ago... 

The gameplay

I love this gameplay. I never saw gameplay like this before. I like the collectable magic cards, the quidditch, learning spells, collecting beans... It's just a perfect combination. 

The story

Well if you don't know the story shame on you. Go buy the book or if you are to lazy to do that watch the movie.

The mood

The game gives us back exactly the mood from the books. The music is sooo cute and amazing. The only thing I missed a little is a snowy level. (snow is the best!!!) The castle, the dungeons, Hagrid's Hut, everything fits into the HP universe.

Final Verdict

Old but gold.

Final score


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