Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them...

A couple days ago I played Guardians of Middle Earth, and I thought let's do a top Lotr games for this weeks weekly top.

*10. Conquest (2009, EA)

Didn't play it, but I will try it soon.

9. Guardians of Middle-Earth (2013, Warner Bros) 

 This game is a disaster. A MOBA out of Lotr? Why? Why would somebody do such a sin? Just leave MOBA's to idiots who play LOL and stuff but don't pollute the Lotr world with such stupidities. Althoug have to mention the graphics look good.

8. War in the North (2011, Warner Bros)

RPG, but one of the worst I have ever played. Maybe I had my hopes too high when I heard there will be a Lotr RPG OMG. I don't really like RPG's without a decent free world, where I can do my little sidequests, crafting and maybe buying a house in Hobbiton. So I was just too disappointed to appreciate the game.

7. Return of the King (2003, EA)


Third part of the trilogy, although I just can't understand why they didn't make the middle part of it to PC. Much much much worse game than the first, Feloowship of the Ring. I don't know what went wrong at the EA, but they screwed this up pretty bad after the first. Maybe it was beacuse of the first game's low ratings (which I don't approve). Should be about huge battles, but this game is only huge battles, with no differences between them, and nothing else.

6. The Hobbit (2003, Sierra)

2002, 2003 was a good year in lotr games. Although this might seem a little childish, if you are a fan of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, this is a fun game, with cute cartoony graphics. A fast paced adventure game.

5. Lord of the Rings Online + expansions (2007, Turbine Inc.)

I don't really like MMORPG's, 'cause you know you have to socialize and stuff... But this is a good one. You can shoose your race, customize your appearance, etc... basic stuff for a MMO, and then you can start your journey and gain experience. You have a great storyine, the gameplay is not boring, so all in all it's worth to play it for a while.

4. Battle for Middle-Earth I-II + The Rise of the Witch-King (2004, 2006, EA)


Real-time strategy. It is a simple one, but a good one. Good and evil campagins.

3. Lego Lord of the Rings (2012, Warner Bros.)

 I know gamers ar not a fan of Lego games. I play most Lego games because of my little sister, but this one I enjoyed. It was a little boring at first, because I rushed through it to get to the freeplay. But then I was enchanted by collecting the characters, experiencing their powers, solving the puzzles, etc... The game is just so cute, you have to collect everything, and when everything is done you still want a little more of the collecitbles.

2. War of the Ring (2003, Sierra)

Real-time strategy, a pretty good one. Not too monoton, with enough action, good storyline, great gameplay similar to Warcraft III, and I liked the graphics as well. You can experience a good and evil campagin as well.

1. The Fellowship of the Ring (2002, Vivendi Universal Games)

And the top game. This is an action adventure game, one of the first game about lotr, and in my opinion best. It was close to the War of the Ring, but I had to choose this because in the beginning of the game I'm in Hobbiton. This game walks you through the story of the first book or film, making you solve puzzles and fight your way through Middle-Earth. Exciting, fast gameplay, a perfect example of an action adventure game. I don't understand why it has such a low rating on many gaming sites. Oh yeah maybe because it is not a stupid FPS, where the only goal is to kill eery moving thing (I have to mention I like FPS's but it is irritating sometimes ho high ratings they get).

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