Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lumber Island or Slumber Island?

Genre: Horror survival
Released by: Dean Forge, 2013

The shortest horror survival game I have played, and one of the most boring also (I am pretty much scared from my own shadow so if I say it's boring it is boring!!!)

The gameplay
You can move and jump and that's it. You pick up what you stumble across, and can't drop it, no inventory, nothing. The enemy is a masked guy with an axe, who walks after you. No running, just walking slowly (and not like in the movies that he appear in front of you... he literally just walks after you). You have sort of a "companion" a teddy bear, which I enjoyed, and was so cute.

The Graphics
Not much to say about it pretty simple.

The story (SPOILER)
We don't find out much in this chapter, only that the owner of the island didn't wanted to sell his island, although he was threatened, and his wife and child left him there.

The mood
The mood is ok for a horror survival game.

Final Verdict
Short and... no not sweet.

Final Score

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