Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Releases Sept 1

Big Releases

Total War: Rome II

Genre: Strategy

Released by: SEGA

I think it's time for me to try a Total War game.

Rayman Legends

Genre: Action

Released by: Ubisoft

Love Rayman, love Ubisoft, what could go wrong with this game?


Genre: Horror survival, explorer

Released by: Red Barrel

Looks pretty nice, a little Amnesia copy, but I can forgive that. Probably won't play it alone at night...

Smaller Releases

Brothers: A Tale of two sons

Genre: Adventure

Released by: 505 Games

Looking forward to play this game.

Disney Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Genre: Action

Released by: Sega

Never played a 3D Mickey Mouse game before, but this looks nice.

The last door: Chapter 3

Genre: Adventure

Released by: The game Kitchen

Look lik eold adventure games. I guess I should give it a try.

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