Friday, May 31, 2013

Preview: 7 days to die

You like Minecraft? You like zombies? Here's a perfect game for you!!! I'm not good at advertising. 

So this is a new game, I accidently stumbled upon when I was reading some gaming news instead of working on my grad project. 
First off please watch the pre-alpha trailer before reading my opinion about it so I won't be responsable for any bad influence. 

Now, that you have your opinion you can read mine. OMG I'm really excited about this game. It's simple, postapocaliptyc zombies-come-at-night survival game. No big story, no hour-length cutscenes (I hope, beacuse somtimes they really annoy me, although I mostly prefer games with good stories). 

*I was wondering while watching a french presentation video if zombies are called zombie in every language?

So basically the gameplay is similar to minecraft. You have a world made out of cubes which you can mine, pick up, etc., and craft stuff out of it to survive. Although the graphics are a little more up to date, than in minecraft, I like the idea of a world made out of cubes. Also love the idea of having guns to defend yourself from the zombies that come at night to kill you. 

The game will be released in fall.

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